What users says about our labs

  • Williams, September 2010

    The response time is really great. Files are downloaded quickly, and are very easy to read... I have had no bug, and virtual machines reply very well.

  • Mohamed, December 2009

    I have practiced on your labs during my CCNA training. I think your initiative is really interesting, and your labs are a good preparation for CCNA certification.

  • Pierre, January 2010

    I find your web site really great, it allows you to do the labs from anywhere, without any specific configuration on your PC. The documentation given in each lab helped me to better understand the configuration and behavior of Cisco products. I also used your web site after my first certification exam, to find solutions for lab questions met during the test.

  • Aude, November 2010

    This web site offers a mobile interface to do preparation labs for CCNA. It is easy to use, and gives explanations that help you when you don't know what configuration to type... I just regret that answers appear just below lab instructions.

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Our step-by-step labs include

One-click launch
Within a few minutes, every thing is ready for you to work.
Objective of the lab
We explain what you will learn in each lab.
Guided configuration
We explain what you should type on each device.
Clear explanations
We explain why you get such output in show commands.